Hiking Sunglasses


Onos offers the best performance sunglasses for hiking. You need 100% UV protection. We feel excellent while walking under the sun and want to take full advantage of the sunny weather, participating in different outdoor activities in warmer weather. Many places here on the west coast have “Summer” weather almost every day of the year. So it feels charming to enjoy the warm sun, but the sun becomes the enemy if your eyes are not adequately protected.

Onos outdoor hiking sunglasses provide you with complete protection from this enemy, blocking out the harmful UV rays assuring 100% UV protection.

The essential feature of Onos sunglasses is wrap-around frames and polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are most suitable for outdoor sports or for taking a stroll on a sunny beach.

We love to hike by the beach, too, so Onos lightweight and impact-resistant sunglasses are perfect for beach hiking. Take a look at Onos wrap-around frames made from high-quality TR90 Nylon, which provides high flexibility and durability.

The wider arms of the wrap-around frames prevent the maximum amount of sun exposure from passing through the sides of the glasses. 

Another advantage of Onos wrap-around frames is they also protect you from insects, splashing, and against branches and brambles on, particularly narrow paths.