Pro Staff & Ambassadors Program 2019


                ONOS has opened the application process for the company’s 2019-20 Pro Staff & Influencer team. Members will represent ONOS as brand ambassadors to help drive awareness, gain valuable engagement, support brand messaging and create content for the brand from January 2019 through January 2020.

                The ONOS team will be outfitted in a variety of ONOS products and will play a crucial role in promoting the brand, pushing out brand initiatives, product information, and promotions as well as create excitement and multimedia content throughout the year. ONOS invites anyone who truly believes in the brand and its culture, to apply to be a part of the ONOS family.

                ONOS is the optimum brand for fishing eyewear for anglers of all walks of life, providing perfected polarized lenses with a patented bifocal, designed to maximize the contemporary voyager, fishermen and coastal life experience. Depending on which demographic and location ONOS members align with, each will receive a variety of ONOS products fitting for their needs, whether that’s out fishing in the Pacific Ocean or near mangroves in the Everglades. ONOS’ influencers will also get a first-hand look at all new product introductions, receive regular discounts on the collection, participate in seasonal contests and promotions, and take part in sharing the ONOS brand with their local and social communities, all while doing what they love, more efficiently!

                Interested parties can apply today or contact ONOS at for more information on the application process.

ONOS Polarized Lens Guide
Polarized Lens Guide

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