Q: How do I care for my ONOS?

A: A lens cleaning solution and our premium microfiber cleaning cloth is best for keeping your ONOS in top shape. Keep them in their protective case, away from extreme temperatures (i.e: don't leave them on the dash of your car). Saltwater Care:  Always rinse your sunglasses with freshwater before wiping or cleaning them with a microfiber cloth.

Q: Can I get ONOS with Prescription lenses?

A: Yes, all ONOS frames can be outfitted with prescription sunglass lenses.

Q: Does ONOS offer discounts for Military?

A: Yes. We give military discounts! Click the link for all details https://onos.com/pages/military-discount

Q: Do you sell upside down bifocal or electrician bifocal lenses?

A: Yes we do! This is not available online but can place the order over the phone.

Q: Can I order replacement nose pads for my Onos?

A: Replacement nose pads are available for certain frames.  Please check our repair form for what styles https://onos.com/pages/limited-lifetime-warranty

Q: Does 100% UV, 100% UVA + UVB, UV400 protection all mean the same thing?

A: Yup. Nowadays eyewear companies prefer to say 100% UVA + UVB to sound like there are extra things in there. Thanks marketing fluff team!