The ONOS Story


ONOS® strives to provide high-quality sunglasses to maximize the contemporary voyager, fishermen & coastal life experience. Our passion is expressed through dedicated craftsmanship in frame design and polarized lens innovation. Featuring a patented polarized bifocal lens that rids from the constant back and forth hassle of switching from readers to sunglasses.

Pat. 7,093,935

Whether it be on, in, or by the water, Onos® Polarized Sunglasses allow a new dimension of comfort, convenience and style.


In 2003, while on a fishing trip, we hooked a 5 foot Wahoo (also known as an Ono) and after watching it launch 10 feet in the air, we had to get this fish on the boat to get a closer look. Then, it happened. The classic tale of the one that got away. Being that Wahoo rarely travel alone, getting our lines back in the water was an immediate, if not sooner, goal. 
Enter problem number two. Fishing with a crew that all suffers from presbyopia (yes, that wonderful thing most of us experience as we age that hinders our ability to see up close) and tying a knot wasn’t the quickest process. We had a choice, either wear our bifocals to see the line and tie a knot, or wear our sunglasses to block the glare from the ocean and not hurt our eyes. Turns out, neither one worked efficiently as we constantly were switching back and forth between the two. 
As most of our fellow anglers may know, the fish weren’t waiting on us to get our lines back in the water. As we headed back to the shore disappointed, fatigued, and fish less we realized something had to be done to speed up the rigging process.